Every purchase is an investment…

If you desire to buy the best in the most efficient conditions for your institution, you are in the accurate place. As Kiğılı institutional sales staff, we have rendered service to leading brands of Turkey and of the world within numerous sectors since 1938. A good number of companies from sport clubs to airlines, from pharmaceutical and chemical industry to financial institutions, from hotel chains to communication giants choose guarantee and quality of Kiğılı in wholesale purchases.

We lay four different proposals to you according to needs and goals of your institution:

1. If you wish, you may reward your employees with gift cards which you shall determine the value.

2. If you wish, we can design and manufacture official dresses of your institution as tailor-made and transport to your employees.

3. If you wish, you may buy products in desired number and give as a gift for special periods like Christmas, feast days and anniversaries.

4. If you desire to improve your institutional motivation, you may arrange constant discount campaigns for your employees making a long-termed agreement with our brand.

Our all institutional sale services are prepared according to your needs with flexible planning in appropriate conditions. Our brand aims to be the best investment that you made for your institution with its unique product quality and pre- and post-sale services that it gives.

If you have not met with our Institutional Sales Department yet, it is high time.


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