The people who enjoy their job become a brand.

Recruitment and Placement

Our recruitment and placement procedures assess prospective employees purely according to their competencies, skills and abilities as part of our equal opportunities policy. We first consider our own employees for open positions at the company. Acting in accordance with the right job for the right person mantra, we conduct competency-based interviews and, as and when required, also make candidates take personality tests besides other skill and competency assessment tests. Candidates who perform well at the interviews and score high test points are carefully vetted through a background check involving a consultation with their previous managers. Candidates who pass all stages successfully are contacted and offered the role.

Internship Applications

Our internship opportunities for high school and college students prepare students for their future careers.

Vocational School Internships

In coordination with the school headmasters, we receive internship applications from schools during the months of May, June and July. Students complete their internship during the school term running from September to June.

University Internships

College students send their internship applications to on the announced dates annually. Internship programs, which are designed according to the needs of different departments, last for 4-6 weeks between June and September. Applications are evaluated and completed on the basis of a pre-selection criteria and candidates are also subjected to interviews if needed.

Training and Orientation

We train our own managers and therefore we take employee training very seriously.

Online Training – Kiğılı Training Academy

Kiğılı Training Academy is a specially prepared training platform for our colleagues. It functions both as an online training platform where all employees benefit from equal training opportunities and as a social platform. The Academy that allows all our employees to develop their personal and professional competencies continues to be at the centre of our efforts.


Orientation Training

It is a short program where new employees learn all the ins and outs of the job and the organization who their co-workers are, who does what, etc.

On the job training

On-the-job training is teaching the skills, knowledge, and competencies that are needed for new employees and employees who recently have moved to a new position to perform a specific job within the workplace and work environment.

Vocational Training

Vocational Training is training organized to enhance the professional skills and competencies of our employees.

Personal Development Training

Personal Development Training is training conducted to improve the personal skills and abilities of employees in line with the company's goals.

Career Planning

As Kiğılı, we offer a variety of career opportunities for our employees. Career development of employees recruited from all levels extends to senior management positions.  Throughout the career planning process, employees are encouraged to discover their potential, improve their professional skills and competencies and prepare for roles that require more responsibility. According to needs identified in line with their career development, we also offer in-house rotation opportunities through in-house and external training programs. We offer our employees an inspiring and engaging work environment where organisational and personal growth go hand in hand.

Performance and Wage Management

What we hope to achieve with the performance management system is to increase employee performance and conduct objective performance assessment of employees according to a uniform set of principles. An overall performance assessment is conducted at the end of each year. when the new year business targets are set. The content of the assessment varies according to competency requirements. We identify the training requirements of our employees based on results garnered from these assessments and make their career planning accordingly.

Wage management policy is based on the market value of employees' skills, competencies, and performance levels. The company uses a wage scale that determines how much every employee gets paid according to their position. Employee recruitment and promotions are also determined according to this scale. At Kiğılı, hard work and success never go unrewarded.

Apply to work with us

All applications are handled by our Human Resources team who carefully review all applications for their suitability for the role. Simply send us an email for a promising career at KIĞILI A.Ş, one of the strongest brands in the clothing industry, or apply directly to posts advertised on or