The one whose fabric is durable shall also have a trustworthy promise…

It is sure that you have heard our name before, because we made friends in every corner of this land since 1938. Merchants who transported fabric to Anatolia visited our first store in Beyoglu… Then we have grown and carried our service quality and trust to every corner of Turkey. We have given a promise to everybody with whom we made acquaintance by saying “Trust us to wear high quality; we will never leave you in the lurch.” It is the day that we have exceeded the boundaries of this country and carried our unique collections that we created with the inspiration taken from you to different parts of the world. But we have never forgotten where we came from. We have remembered that it was the promise that originates us to ourselves in every prize which we won in Turkey and in the world and in every innovation which we contributed to fashion sector. We have firstly become an irreplaceable brand for menswear in Turkey and then we have globalized evaluating our potential precisely. If Kiğılı sends products over 2000.000 pieces to approximately 300 points which expanded all over the world today, it is of course due to keeping our word given to you.

If you ask that “Well then, what does stand behind this power?”, our answer is brief and precise: working, working too much. If you make your business appropriately, the reputation of your product shall be spread as word of mouth day by day. Imagine an institution that has various prizes such as Best Retail Institution of the Year, Best Technology Application of the Year, First Prize for Display Window Design, Prize of Outstanding Success in Customer Services, and Most Chosen Brand for Menswear in Shopping Malls but does not content itself with these prizes. Even if it makes production in global standards, it makes investment to r&d, human resources and design every day. Imagine an institution that it competes with global fashion giants in China market where competition is the hardest one and it puts signature to innovations in behalf of more self-development every day. It is open to development and diversity all the time. It never contents with a world-class brand for menswear, it puts a new brand on the market as Abdullah Kiğılı in which Italian fabrics dominate.

Abdullah Kiğılı brand is an elegant approach which came up as a result of 70-year experience in menswear. By opening its first store in 2006, it entered into sector with incomparable textures which present tailor sensibility. It is number one option for modern man who loves comfort that takes shape with natural fibers, unique designs that produced from superior Italian fabrics, and who loves quality life, and who seeks for pleasure of the comfort and who knows the trends very well.